From 04/04/2016 to 03/05/2016


09:15 PM Feature #42 (New): Incorporate Zebulun ASN12Java Perl Script
Matthew Dovey
07:20 PM Revision c5da9b59 (zebulun): Code corrections
Replace obsolete Vector and Hashtable with ArrayList<> and HashMap<>
Replace deprecated org.xml.sax.HandlerBase and o...
Matthew Dovey
04:47 PM Revision 814cd9d9 (zebulun): Code tidy
Change chain of if to switch statement
Add default for switch statements
Correct attempt to compare double with Doubl...
Matthew Dovey
04:27 PM Revision 70e66bfa (zebulun): Syntactical tidy
Add @Override
Remove unnecessary parenthesis
Corrected order of static and final modifiers
Matthew Dovey
04:05 PM Revision 692c7984 (zebulun): Syntactical tidy
Add @Override
Added missing @return, @throwsU and @param in javadoc comments
Use Arrays.copyOf rather than reference ...
Matthew Dovey
02:49 PM Revision fb7c9c9e (zebulun): Tidy up generated java from ASN1tojava
Add missing javadoc
Add missing @Override
Use StringBuilder rather than StringBuffer
Throw ASN1Exception on missing m...
Matthew Dovey
01:01 PM Revision a7a304c1 (zebulun): Code format tidy
Matthew Dovey
09:44 AM Revision afa33646 (zebulun): Merge branch 'feature/import-zebulun-compiler' into develop
Matthew Dovey
09:03 AM Revision 188bbe57 (zebulun): Add LGPL 3.0 LICENSE.txt
Matthew Dovey
07:29 AM Revision b9a28a69 (zebulun): Add
Matthew Dovey
07:12 AM Revision 94ec6ba6 (zebulun): Compile asn1 to java in build
Matthew Dovey
07:03 AM Revision 5be93a4c (zebulun): Refactor package name
Matthew Dovey
05:52 AM Revision a0ff3e0b (zebulun): Import perl ASN1 compiler source
Matthew Dovey
05:50 AM Revision 7b380f1a (zebulun): Merge local fixes
Javadoc fixed
ASN1OctetString encoding fix
Matthew Dovey
05:43 AM Revision b9387c09 (zebulun): Import zebulun 1.7 source
Matthew Dovey
05:25 AM Revision 3433ee19 (zebulun): Prepare for updated sources
Remove generated files
Tweak asn1 definition file names
Matthew Dovey
05:10 AM Revision e9696a5c (zebulun): Build environment update
Remove local repositories Matthew Dovey


09:33 AM Revision c1b47868: Merged feature/equella-patches into develop
Matthew Dovey
09:33 AM Revision 35dbe05e: Merge fixes
William Bowling
09:33 AM Revision be9231e3: Fixes #6414 ignore non numeric tags
git-svn-id: svn://domain/common/jafer@726 c97a5d50-43a4-9d4c-be36-c4595bcdd568 aholland
09:32 AM Revision 9abd75f8: don't loop through more records than are available
git-svn-id: svn://domain/common/jafer@719 c97a5d50-43a4-9d4c-be36-c4595bcdd568 aholland
09:32 AM Revision 3dd644a2: Jafer fixes
git-svn-id: svn://domain/common/jafer@631 c97a5d50-43a4-9d4c-be36-c4595bcdd568


08:50 AM Revision a8d25b62: Build environment update
Update pom.xml to use jgitflow
Update mysql-connector to 6.0.2
Add netbean exclusions to .gitignore
Matthew Dovey


12:02 AM Revision 537ea73e (zebulun): Update build environment
Suppress Fast Forward in jgitflow
Additional defaults to .gitignore
Matthew Dovey
02:40 PM Revision e6a206f1 (zebulun): Updating develop poms back to pre merge state
Matthew Dovey
02:40 PM Revision 5ed6f8d4 (zebulun): Merge branch 'master' into develop
Matthew Dovey
02:40 PM Revision 9c58b1c8 (zebulun): updating develop poms to master versions to avoid merge conflicts
Matthew Dovey
02:39 PM Revision 31577e2b (zebulun): Merge branch 'release/zebulun-1.1.10'
Matthew Dovey
02:36 PM Revision 462a82e0 (zebulun): updating poms for branch'release/zebulun-1.1.10' with non-snapshot v...
Matthew Dovey
02:35 PM Revision 8ec4af96 (zebulun): updating poms for 1.1.11-SNAPSHOT development
Matthew Dovey
02:34 PM Revision 19a1596a (zebulun): Merge branch 'feature/maven-refactoring' into develop
Matthew Dovey
02:32 PM Revision 58035dda (zebulun): Implement jgitflow in pom.xml
Matthew Dovey

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