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  java eb7e238d 6 months Matthew Dovey Fix distribution assembly issues

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eb7e238d 20/06/2019 08:56 AM Matthew Dovey

Fix distribution assembly issues

d01263ad 19/06/2019 10:44 AM Matthew Dovey

Deprecate netx
Update copyright notice

6ab822cb 16/06/2019 07:55 PM Matthew Dovey

Support SSLSocket in configuration
Correct vendor-id stamp in Manifest

4c48d016 16/06/2019 06:11 PM Matthew Dovey

Update jaxfront and ceridwen SIP2 library
Update PatronPanel to reflect SIP2 library changes

f0f377d1 21/02/2017 10:22 PM Matthew Dovey

Modify logger loading to ensure rootLogger is allowing event monitoring at the correct level

fe5c00db 21/02/2017 10:21 PM Matthew Dovey

Add console log wrapper for error logging\debug tracing

b529c743 21/02/2017 10:20 PM Matthew Dovey

Add console logger for client communication messages

0eafd366 20/02/2017 09:26 PM Matthew Dovey

Allow field ordering to be configured (update to ceridwen-standard-interchange-protocol-library 2.9.4)

3f2ef9f8 20/02/2017 07:48 PM Matthew Dovey

Retain checkin\checkout lists when switching between checkin and checkout screens

6b965b45 20/02/2017 07:41 PM Matthew Dovey

Set return datestamp (to now) on CheckIn message

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