• Badge Server

    This is a java servlet implementation of a badge server ala

    It makes use of the badge specification and templates available from

  • BIC LCF Server

    This is a java reference server implementation of the Library Communication Framework.

    The Library Communications Framework (LCF) is a set of library interoperability standards which defines a framework for the communication of data between self-service and other library terminal applications to and from library management systems....

  • Ceridwen Self Issue Client

    A Java Library Self Issue Client which can issue and return books via the 3M SIP2 Protocol

  • Ceridwen Standard Interchange Protocol Library

    Java Implementation of the 3M SIP2 and NISO SIP3 Protocols for library circulation and self-check facilities.

  • Ceridwen Utility Library

    General helper and utility java classes

  • JAFER Z39.50 Library

    The JAFER Project (Java Access For Electronic Resources) was a Jisc funded project (2000 - 2003) based at Oxford University to produce an easy to use toolkit for building portals and information sources without having to deal with the technical intricacies of the Z39.50 protocol....

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